Sunday, August 9, 2015



Sex is the life force personified. When it’s matched with love, one delves down to the essence of life itself, of history, of this earth, of the universe. When sex is not paired with love, it’s robbed of its power, and instead, becomes an empty exercise of quick pleasure. Yet even then, sex has the power to transcend its physical limits, and enter the zone of love of life.

When sex is matched with hate or power-lust, it becomes an instrument of destruction. It enters the zone of death.  Sex is for joy, for life, for the enhancement of the world. It’s good. When it’s used by evil people for evil purposes it turns into an anti-life act.

So, the moral of this tale is that sex is an expression and exercise in living fully. It’s the matching of our body and mind with the body and mind of another human being, creating the spirit of life, of joy, and potentially, another human being.  

Ken West is the author of the goal achievement workbook, Get What You Want.